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Letter to my Dogs

Dear spoiled doggies, Just a couple reminders. I can’t make the bed if you are on it. When I say off, that doesn’t mean get off the bed, then right back on. When I say off a second time, that … Continue reading

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Tough Love

Tough is listening to your foster dog scream as you walk away from him and his new owner. Tough is doing that over and over again. Tough is seeing the sad face of a shelter dog. Tough is seeing lots … Continue reading

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Journey’s Journey 4

What happens when you take an abused dog and show him love, give him a couch to sleep on and socks to chew? You get a dog who is so exuberantly happy about life.  The day I met him in the … Continue reading

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It Started with the Wheeze

In my early twenties I knew I wanted a dog but thought I’d wait until I was out of college.  My old roomate and I were both dog lovers because we grew up in houses with mothers who were dog … Continue reading

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Wheeze in Training

I thought a visit from my Wheezie girl might be good for my granny. She’s in hospice care now. She may get to come home if she improves over the weekend but the past week has been a rough one. … Continue reading

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Dear Cesar Millan

Dear Cesar Millan, I love you! You are funny and so very wise. In the words of a dear friend, I am going to “Cesarfy” my dogs. That starts today! So Cesar, I promise that after today I will no longer yell for … Continue reading

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Not Every Run is Going to be a Good One!

I had a five mile jog on my training plan today.  My run didn’t start well, and it’s my fault.  The sky was gray and ugly when I left my house.  No big deal though, I run in all kinds of … Continue reading

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