I haven’t blogged in a while and I debated writing about what happened in Boston yesterday, but I can’t get it off my mind. I can’t stop watching the news. What did I lose? I didn’t lose a loved one. I didn’t lose a limb. My marathon experience wasn’t robbed from me.

I didn’t lose anything but as a runner I’m sad. As an American, I’m sad. I’m heartbroken for those involved. I’m inspired by those who rushed to help. I’ve heard stories of doctors who had just finished running 26.2 miles and then rushed to the scene to help victims. There are so many hero’s who helped those in need.

I was talking to my mom today about it. I told her that I hope this doesn’t keep spectators away from events like marathons. Spectators help you survive a marathon or half marathon. Without people cheering you on, it would be a long, lonely race.

I ran my first half marathon last spring, The Flying Pig. The spectators were amazing. One of my favorite parts of the race was running up 5th street downtown. There was a wall of people on each side of the street. It was an amazing feeling. The whole route was full of people there to cheer on the runners.

My mom always cheers me on at my races. At the flying pig last spring she was waiting for me at the finish line of the race with a sign and a tiara. Yesterday I thought of how much it means to me that she was there to watch me finish the race. I felt for the families who lost their loved ones at what is usually such a happy event and an amazing experience.

Some people train their whole lives to run Boston. I would love to one day but I know I will probably never be fast enough. I’m a slow runner.

I am haunted by the image of the man being wheeled away from the scene who had lost both of his legs. All of the images are heartbreaking.

This horrific event makes me want to get back to being able to run races. I just finished physical therapy for my lower back pain. I’m easing back into running. I’m eager to get my race legs back, now so more than ever. I’m a runner. I want to run for those injured. I want to run for those who now can’t.

I sit here writing this with the news on, hoping they find out who did this. My prayers are with the victims, first responders, bomb sniffing dogs, doctors, and everyone who offered help yesterday.

The coward or cowards who did this are thieves. They stole an amazing experience from so many people. They took lives. They ruined lives. They didn’t take my love for running. I will be at The Flying Pig marathon in a few weeks to cheer on my friends and coworkers.


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2 Responses to Thief

  1. Andy says:

    Well put, I feel the same. I read your blog from last years pig and this one, there great. I hope you feel better soon, my friend and I are co ing down from detroit for the race and can’t wait.

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