Easy Like Sunday Morning

Ahhh, easy Sunday morning!  Aren’t those nice?  I attempted to sleep in, but still got up an hour before my alarm went off but it was nice.  The dogs got some playtime in the yard, were fed and I made breakfast before my alarm even went off (forgot to turn it off)!

I haven’t felt like cooking much lately, especially breakfast but had an awesome, healthy breakfast this AM.

Holy Yum!

I made oatmeal pancakes on the griddle and should have made more.  OMG, so good!  I made scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese and a smoothie with strawberries, orange juice, Chobani greek yogurt, a little spinach and some ice.  Don’t say ewww at the spinach!  You can’t even taste it in the smoothie.  Yes I drank my smoothie in a wine glass!  No I did not have an alcohol with my breakfast.

I am not going to laze around all day.  I have to work later and I love my job so my Sunday is still awesome!  I may try out the Zumba videos my mom gave me and do some cleaning later this afternoon.

It’s just nice to have a slow morning.  The dogs agree!

Bella & Journey

Isn’t Mr. Miyagi the freaking cutest?



Yes my life heavily revolves around dogs.  My dogs, my fosters and the doggies I take care of for Paw Joggers, and I love it.  I was miserable working at a law firm and tired all the time from IH.  I made a change and couldn’t be happier.

I started working with dogs over five years ago.  I came home from work and would read dog magazines, research doggy related things and realized I was in the right industry.  I never got bored or burnt out.  I had finally figured out where I was supposed to be.  I have many things I want to do and plan to do.  Right now I am content letting myself recover from the stress of the last few years of my life.

Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Thanks for reading my ramblings!!!

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