Midnight Snacker

I have a problem.  Marathon training is making me a hungry beast!  I feel like Chris Farley in this skit!

I am STARVING (or so it feels) all the time. Because of the brain pain (IH), some nights I don’t sleep well. At least two or three times a week if I’m awake laying in bed around midnight I get an uncontrollable urge to eat. I’ll usually just eat a piece of cinnamon bread with either peanut butter or Nutella (ok, sometimes both). Then I’ll crawl back into bed and drift off to sleep.  Please tell me this isn’t too crazy for someone training for a marathon. Other marathoner runners do this right?

So far this week I’ve run 29.6 miles with more miles planned for tomorrow and Sunday. I love it! I am addicted to running! Running’s my favorite!

Ava on the other hand is bored with my obsession with running blogs and running magazines.

Running lots of miles makes you hungry.  I am a crazy person when I’m really hungry!  Don’t judge me!

Lay of me, I’m starving!

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